On the back of painting reams of letters over the past 3 years something new has to happen. It does.



It is not enough to simply claim to go further and add this and that as a jump up on the next competitor. That is not innovation – it is simply a jostling for a slither of note over the nearest competitor.

It is not about emulating what has gone by with new fad ridiculous over ornamentation.

For some it works.

For most it is an unoriginal pathway.

Originate please!





Innovation is at large in the few.

Truly emerging innovation is a felt glimmer being dragged across the horizon…



So what is the next true wave of inspiration likely to look like?

It has to first allow itself the divine right to exist as something entirely new.

This could be new by approach, feel, sensibility.



My own sense is that this is entirely linked to ones ability to find a sensuous magic in whatever is on the table for product development or ID.

The new approach owes much to empathy and pure product design.  It is mechanical yet open to any conceivable concept that exists.


It is not retro



I believe in …….


yes is the answer to everything in the universe.


It is like an alien sentient being or a slice of bread.







no not this

neither these

but it lies in there








Beyond this age of clamoring diversification the opportunity to reap great design whist slipping in and out of view

It is subtle










It has to strive to prove Zen to be nothing more than contrived shit – because it comes from the streets of London, Delhi and Venice and somewhere between. It comes from somewhere intensely real.






It doesn’t quite exist yet but it’s always been there.