For Modern or Vintage decorative interior displays


VIDEO: TED BAKER BANNER – case history video

Ted Baker new store mural by me

Above:  Rich Vintage banner and distress finishes for Ted Baker

When it comes to vibrant interior treatments we transform your hub… just the way you want it!

Designing interiors for and with Tricia Guild of DG UK


Today we combine poetics with word and surface treatments… it’s a dynamic rich combination  

Nick Garrett

The power of motif - Nick Garrett

Original decorative motif for major retailers USA and EU.

Italy... reflections from the big city.

Nature is our ultimate inspiration


Only Roses UK NGSigns

We have been responsible for some serious retail and interior surface treatments and solutions… since 1991 interiors have been a parallel product service.

Chic Loft

Cabinetry and visual display design – NGS

Italian Balsamico scripture




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The flourish or vintage retro is a great visual tool for most settings where the client needs to feel part of a rich themic interior.

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London cafe chalks Ted baker chalk boarding Nick Garrett

My painted Designers Guild furniture

Painted history..



great visual product