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The Glory of Retail glass gilding…

Mirror Gold Leaf


It is true that gold has values that traverse currencies and things of great value to man – and we cannot forget to mention the word magic when we describe the the pure allure that gold has upon us.

It has an astonishing effect on the senses and our notions of all things quality, deluxe and beautiful – a powerful affect we never seem to tire of.

Glass gilding is the ultimate product launch and the stuff legends are made of.

Le Labo Distressed gold


We have the facility to construct glass fascia panels and develop NGS vintage signs in several

unique genres, having worked in interior restoration and the gilded framing sector.

Because I have a background in specialist faux finishes our range of aesthetic finishes is much wider that any other sign company.  It means we can combine the incredible Verre églomisé surfaces into the world of lettering.

This brings the traditional reverse glass gilding into the modern design world – unique and leading trend.

Glass gilding NGS London for Taylor Taylor Shoreditch 002


Taylor Taylor Shoreditch. Mirrored gold leaf on glass.


Glass gilding NGS London for Taylor Taylor Shoreditch


Production includes:

  •      –  Mirror Gilding
  •      –  Crackled Retro gild
  •      –  Distressed Gold


Penhaligon's glass gilding NGS London Fred Perry exec team with Nick Garrett NGS


NGS Design Icons and London retail gilding


001 Love hate NGS-1024x332 copy

Mirror Gold Leaf

Mirror Gold Leaf

Tautz gild NGS Numeral 50


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Footes The Horseshoe NGS gilded drones NGS Glory of Gold NGS London Signwriters

The most distinguished of all hallmarks

Cat 2014

NGS Reverse Glass Gilding Cataloged 2014.1

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J Crew Reverse Glass gilding NGS

Camden Town Angel Gilding by NGS

double 24ct gold… 

Upmarket glass gilding NGS

Above – NGS designed the logo and gilded for McCafe advert – Below:  The ad goes viral!!

McCafe posters

Want Fish


J-Crew Legendary London Glass Gilding NGS


 Angel gild NGS Cheshire Street London


We are often asked to make the lettering look a touch worn with time.  An interesting and new range of opportunity exists now as our signs writing reaches out into new creative areas.

Angel Gold Leaf

Angel Gold Leaf

Mirrored lettering with urban scrape detail Nick Garrett Signs


Grunge for retail display


Mirroring and subtle ageing toning




Mirror Gold Leaf

Mirror Gold Leaf


External Gild

External Gild

Glass gilding NGS London

Gold catches the eye like no other – here we explain why


With its shine being mesmeric and numinous… this charm has no end..

The power gold has on passers by, even on the dullest winter’s day, is what makes it such a key asset to a signwriter’s tool set.

‘Nothing conveys as much impact on a window as gold leaf.’

Raymond. J. Le Blanc. 1978:7

We believe Le Blanc has it absolutely right… gold leaf is the most alive, treasurable, gleaming surface.  

 Legendary London Glass Gilders

j crew gilding by ngs


But there’s more: it’s affordable, incredibly durable and in most cases the very best way to enhance prestige, success and your business’s visual appeal.

When we removed the original large gilded oak lettering we found there was nothing but powdered wood… the paint and gold leaf was perfect, but just the shell remained.   

Benedict Foley,  J. Smith & Sons. (Umbrellas) Ltd.

When working with gold leaf in reverse on shop windows, people have literally stopped in their tracks to take in its splendor.  

Jack Hollands

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For the finest Reverse glass gilding

‘While travelling around the country recently, I visited many cities in which gold leaf work seems to be a disappearing art. This is inexcusable. Gold leaf signs are as popular today as they ever were, and the work is profitable and highly respectable.’

(Raymond. J. Le Blanc. 1978: Preface)


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… and for the interior                                                TOP

Verre Eglomise – the glory of Gold

Visual below to be created on plate glass in white and yellow 23ct gold.

Above:  Ipad 2 as a light box!

This panel is 20cm x 20cm and just started.

The outline is down and next comes second coat –  then the gold

Below: Done!  Gilded and backed!

Nick Garrett                                                                                                                     TOP

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