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Delicious Signwriting

That Ice Cream Taxi!!! NGS

With a Distinct Flavour of London

Always be yourself…

Express yourself…

Have faith in yourself


In House girls Jet n mum - photo and sign writing Nick Garrett




An NGS design feels it for Small Business (or XL).

Sign creativity is all about launching something more than just a recognisable brand, it has to live somewhere further than the now… not just great letters, but the essence of you going beyond the horizon and charting a successful future.

I wasn’t trained in a tech college I was trained in the life studios of Camberwell and by a Lettering master… in the studio and up the ladder.  It was born true and clear and stays in the heritage of NGS London – the Fine Art of Signwriting.

Today we are the leading team creating authentic and traditional window gilding and signwriting across London. With fresh cool design, and urban graphic feel. Setting industry trends, inspiring clients, artists, designers, youth and business start-ups. 


What I love about small businesses is that the way they survive by having a real understanding of people, the environment and how they represent themselves with a sense of spontaneity and thrive because of it.

We deliver the Highest Quality at Mid-line price-point because new businesses need that.

NGS:  fast, fresh and independent leaders of sign art and successful brand design – there from the start. 

Hope you enjoy our work.  

Nick Garrett

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By our very Beautiful Brushes

B for Bloomery Twickenham - NGS London

Love hate NGS gilding

By Eye By Hand By Heart

NGS clearly 002

The Globe 2

Making London Beautiful

Only ever – Hand Painted

Top-line Quality    Mid-line Price




your true potential

These signs are your 24-7 partners selling your business services and products wherever you are. But more importantly they allow you to see how beautiful your products truly are so that you can fly on to even greater things.

Staying Above.


NGS is Nick Garrett,

Fred Perry in snow NGS signwriting

Masterstroke Painted Shop Signs


NGS new gen

welcome… we hope our lettering inspires you

Glass gilding NGS London

2 Tone Gilding NGS specialist gold leaf works

Nabarro clearly NGS

Taylor Taylor Shoreditch NGS signwriters

Neat numerals NGS

Highgate Numeral

Beautiful numerals

Miami ink fini

photo 1 (9)

The George Stepney

027 (18)

Raffety Kensington Church Street

The Ice Cream Cab Signwriting by Nick Garrett 003

The fast becoming famous Ice Cream Cab Signwriting by Nick Garrett


NGS Logo WB 2972

Pure London Craftsmanship NGS

Chuffed at Kings NGS signwriter Nick Garrett

 In the flesh…

making a big deal about beauty – you get it?

Mirror Gold Leaf

23.75 carat Mirror Gold Leaf in the Strand London.

Mr happy... with a brand new NGS sign!!!

he’s got it

Freddie special

Slick Willies NGS

Creperie Chiswick 002

Retail, Hotels, Cafes, Bars, Pubs, Front doors, Bins

much much more than passion, expertise, experience… and pure design.  No words just gold.

Fred Perry Board



Welcome to NGS – quality, bold and clear always counts

Tradition fresh outha can…  let’s do it

The George tavern London Signwriter Nick Garrett NGS the juice

002 Another Country NGS signwriting London_n-1024x332 copy


Break it down…


Yep we’re always thinking wayyyyy ahead and designing classic fresh ID… with a traditional painted sign from NGS it is possible to enjoy the best of all worlds; a beautifully crafted product… with a truly modern feel and that something dreams are made of.

There’s more – Modern signwriting is all about building your unique visual appeal, getting you out there the way you want.  Great type makes it pop… but without that talent for beauty…

A 15 years experience in trend leading product and brand design which loads every move we make – building your business look n feel in a modern context that rocks.

Working with a new crop of young designers is a fantastic day job… hope you like the work.

Nick Garrett  –  Contact us  07960113799


005 Brutti NGS signwriting London_n-1024x332

  By Eye,  By hand,  By Heart

 “When a type design is good it is not because each individual letter of the alphabet is perfect in form, but because there is a feeling of harmony and unbroken rhythm that runs through the whole design, each letter kin to every other and to all.”

Frederick Goudy



Invest in opportunity


Specialist Signwriting, Passionate,

Stunning Bespoke Designs

For Pubs, Cafes, Shops and Home 

The scribe should choose the best and simplest forms and arrangements and master them before going further. He should have a few definite types at his fingertips…
Edward Johnston


Brutti beauty sign writing in Kensignton by Nick Garrett

Pure London Craftsmanship NGS



Making London more beautiful


S H A R I N G   T H E


Signsmiths Bespoke training

Training a New Generation of Signwriters NGS – making the future a place of creativity



3 generations of iconic London letterers become 4


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