Real signwritimg is an art that really deserves preserving… 50 years ago there was a sign shop on every high street with dozens of blokes writing signs for all and sundry.

It must have been about 1983 and the vinyl cutters arrived wiping out half of the traditional sign writing work pretty much over night.

I’ll never forget it.

Above Jack and Sam in Clapton – the revival goes on and NGS has become a team of dedicated artists with a love for this amazing work.

Photo: Our Sam doing it in Borough NGS London

Above: Sam work on a distressed graèhic logo in London Bridge for Malashi Hair


People deserve the real thing: simple as that.

An association of real signwriters of London is about to be formed as a result of a few sign makers claiming to be Traditional Hand Writers, charging full writing fees and advertising online as Traditional Hand Painted sign makers. They’re pretty good at what they do… but it ain’t sign writing!


I started writing in 1981 – Using the brush all these years retains a true love and pride in my work (and that of others). I simply do not accept the misrepresentation of this treasured art.  It is worth preserving right?

Video below shows me writing on site by hand

There are a few London and South based companies and individuals offering a so-called ‘Traditional Hand Painted’ sign-writing service that are simply not up front about what they are doing… they use vinyl stencils and charge full written prices to boot.


Below is a list of the best true hand writers in London.

Any London writers with +15 years experience who would like their name added to this list please contact me – happy to add you:

Comments welcomed.


London Traditional Hand written sign writers with over 15 years experience:

Layout: Using by eye layouts, drawings, digital drawings and hand rendered digital bespoke fonts.

Painted with sign writers brush – truly sign written.


Richard Apps – True hand written

R Bird – True hand written

Nick Garrett – True hand written

Pete Hardwicke – True hand written

Andrew Whitmore – True hand written


Digital Stencils –  Hand Painted but NOT hand written lettering

Layout DS are low tack adhesive masking sheets that allow the applicator to paint the layer mask and remove the mask revealing the letters.

Painted: but with paint brush or artbrush – no sign skills writing required at all.

Those of you advertising as Traditional Sign writers you know who you are so please re-word your websites and Ads.  

Article posted 28 11 12