the entity of beauty

… when we blow up a letter on-screen no matter the font
it is only ever a curve or a straight

No vectors – vectors are a sadness and must be lost…


… when we strike the letter from our heart it reveals the entity of utter beauty if we allow it… there is no purer way and no finer beauty than in the nature of.


When you move the curve you must know the finest moment of perfection.


Many can paint great letters … few can strike them utterly beautifully.

That is what we must do. That is what I do.

However just because the writer wields a brush with scant reference and drawings this does not define automatically the onset of beauty. There are many writers who also lack the experience of visual beauty. The experience of touching, smelling, tasting perfection. Seeing a Massacio or a Da Vinci drawing.

Carving a place close to truth.

This is meditation.


The brush sends us into meditation.

Yet we must strive to sharpen the sword… empty the cup.





In truth and not by ego.

How else can we write perfectly – unless we embrace imperfection.

And know them as the same.




Yes, but only to the shallow fool.

To the artisan it is the only way.


 Where the mind goes the brush follows and where it follows in truth it leads us to great places.


Urbanization is our canvas

Cannabis is terrible for signwriting as it dupes the artist –  never trust this in a visual artist

The city drives us

We must make it beautiful


Using a stencil is the admission of several things… none of them good

I can barely speak of it… such dysfunction must be educated and changed.


When it rains wait

When it pours go home

When it is warm – this is the glory of true reward


Never expect a sign man to design your sign as part of the work

Pay him well or risk your company’s failure by virtue of your error.


Signs are providers of wealth and name.

To sell your canoe you must mend it, clean it and put a sign on it.

Without a good truthful sign you will have few coming to your door.