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Mural Sample

Ted Baker – New Project

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POD Glass Mural Queen Victoria Street, Mansion House

Above:  Layout detail for mural – Design: Nick Garrett


Watercolour leaves – Project:  POD Good Food, London

Sample 1

Below:  Version 2 and detail

A watercolour feeling for a 2.5 x 4m mural for popular London food outlet.

Below finished mural.



Creative shop sign impact – Retro glow NGS

Creative shop sign impact – talking about Retro signs aglow in London, NGS

You can turn it around… by using a clear creative message your business can transform. Creative Shop Sign design London has never been easier or looked so good!

In the past the shop sign was the key marketing platform and today the resonance of that street level identity is working through all channels of marketing and display.

So how can we help you with a re-launch or new look? It’s easy… bring us in at the start-up so that we can infuse sign savvy solutions that will ramp up. For example scaling and colour scheming are just as important as fonts and fancy borders… getting it right will pay dividends… and it’s often something we bring into a project FOC. Look forward to talking to you soon.

Nick, NGS

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