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This page covers the philosophy of painting London beautiful

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Touches of Beauty, By Hand, Heart and Eye.

I have been a dedicated sign writer since 1981, and delight in the fact that true hand craftsmanship is once again making a huge positive impact across London today enjoying greater demand than ever.
Traditional hand painting and gold leaf gilding skills are my great passion  –  The unique quality of true traditional sign writing is the mark of richness found in each personal touch, and in this digital age the revival of the human touch is extremely important –The Ice Cream Cab Signwriting by Nick Garrett 003

.. today signwriting is enjoying a renaissance thanks to the creative partnership of you, my brush and I.

This page is home to recent classical ”truly hand drawn, painted and gilded” signs…


Chuffed at Kings NGS signwriter Nick Garrett no32theoldtown4-1200x800 wall-decorative-fonts-ngs-london-signman-3 (1) photo 4 (3) McCafe upmarket-glass-gilding-ngs Maison final

 gold Numeral 50 TG ngs The Lamb NGS antique white signwritten pub London Rustic toilets Skied Nick on the fascia 72

You are in my CLASSIC page – Traditional hand painted sign writing by Nick Garrett



With a traditional painted sign from my pallet it is possible to enjoy the best of both worlds; a beautiful traditional product… with a truly modern feel and affordable result.

There’s more – behind my pallet is a 15 year career in product and brand design so in short that loads every move we make – building your business look n feel in the best possible way.

To see more of our behind the stove design work click here.


Nick Garrett NGS

Gold leaf Specialists NGS LONDON

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Making London Beautiful

Traditional hand painted sign writing by Nick Garrett


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