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POD: Sans Serif Poetica sign lettering Nick Garrett

The brief was to create a signwriter’s sans serif  ‘Victorian’ font-face with a modern feel… in subtle varied hand… a poetic theme.

The draft took a good 4.5 hrs to sketch up because of the tight spacing balance between the front 2 fascias… and the final painting whistled along in just 4 hours.

Above:  Click on image to enlarge and you will see slight differnces between letters, little wobles… oddities and eccentricities… all balanced to POD’s brand ID.

Below: The Photoshop kerned and distorted artwork which formed the Fonts style base.

Drafting up

A welcome break in the rainiest drought ever known!  Blue skies in Queen Victoria St.

 Need a signwriter?

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I graduated as portrait painter in 1981 and started my first sign shop out of my art studio, Garrett Fine Signs, Battersea.

Above: Beginnings – Signwriting the fleet of Cityrama Tour buses, 1980’s

I really enjoyed working in graphics and typography, my grandfather was a letter cutter so it’s in my genes. Making some cold calls quickly won some great clients, who are still good buddies today. I found myself specialising in creative sign writing (from 1981-1990), to 2 national Breweries creating thousands of pub signs, and at the age of 22. through a lot of soul searching and hard work I was being regarded as a top quality writer… though for me it was always more of a constant battle for perfection.

… the magical ingredient you get when using NGS hand written sign writing – quality communication.


Today I have returned to working out of Battersea, still proudly producing some of the nicest creative sign solutions in Central London.  I hope you are inspired by the varied projects I have displayed here – feel free to contact me and have a chat anytime.

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Above the new hand painted shop sign for Sylvanian Families, London.

Why a resurgence in the Hand Painted?

A hand painted sign speaks volumes for most quality niche products and will genuinely build client loyalty trade and local business turnover – both the lifeblood of retail success.

It says many things especially attention to detail...

When you watch me making your sign a reality it will look easy (unless it’s raining!)… there is a poetry in the writing. Easy?… an illusion purely down to my years spent up the ladder and the joy when wielding a paint laden writer’s brush!

Nick Garrett, NGS


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