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For Ted Baker – London Signwriter Nick G

November 12, 2011

London Sign Writing: Ted Baker new store fit-out


NGS completed the hand sign-writing of 11 ornate panels for Ted Baker’s flagship store in Bluewater Shopping centre, Kent.

What a great team and company they are check the link out at the bottom of the page.


The brief was to bring quasi-vintage hand painted feel to the logos of several themed interior settings using layouts produced by the in-house design team.

The nostalgia ”Tedbury” concept included various village shop sets with quaint writing – a tea shop and butchers a chemists… these interior wall and ceiling sets were literally dissected and displaced creating a visual constant, yet shifting context around the store… heaps of mirrors assisted the whole shabaz, The mix of Goth typography and Victorian ornamentation made the writing fun and after we went over with a distress rub down and glaze, the panels really looked the part.

We are constantly being asked to create aged and retro surface finishes on shop signs and displays these days and it is becoming one of our specialities.

A few weeks later the 2 million pound makeover was complete and running.

Special thanks to Julian Brown, John Pope Signwriter and all the team and TB shopfitters.


Article by Nick Garrett, NGS TheLondonsignwriter.com


Nick Garrett London Signwriting

ted baker Nick Garrett NGS traditional signwriting London

The Apothecary signs in the new flagship Bluewater ‘Tedbury’ quirky themed store

Chalkboard Ted Baker - Nick Garrett traditional signs

…sign writing in Blue Water Kent the fab new Ted Baker store…

from change-room area thru to front of house Ted Baker Nick Garrett signs     Julian Brown flying through the layouts - Nick Garrett signs

Well Hung Butchers!!

in the flow - Nick Garrett traditional signwriter, London

Jules Brown Signwriter at Ted Baker - Nick Garrett signs

NGS’s Julian Brown laying up artwork.

on the line - Nick Garrett signwriter London

Nick Garrett writing a small metal inset panel for the butcher’s bicycle sign – we decided to keep the pitted painted surface and allowed a bit of creative wander on the freehand writing.
Apothecary sign Nick Garrett Signs - Links to Ted

Above: Our distressed ornate sign-written tag

All about TED BAKER

Would you like to commission NGS for your next sign project?

Big thanks to John Pope, Dave Uprichard of OPT (http://www.otpstudio.com/) for great layouts and TB fitters and VM designers for preparing the artwork.

Traditional signwriters London: Vintage Living London Zoo – 1930’s signwriter NGS

Living Signs London – from the heart in the heart

 A great shot of a truly unique signwriter…


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