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Traditional Signwriting and gilding: Oil Gilding secrets, Nick Garrett London Signwriter

Oil Gilding Secrets

Traditional signwriter gilder Nick Garrett London – Edited and written by,

I found this article below and edited it adding some tips and trix.

Coming from a long family history of lettering cutting and gilding, going back 3 generations I am a task master of these skills – I love gilding! Once you work with gold, life takes on a different gleam!

Good gilding is all about being organised, relaxed and methodological – gold picks up on static and stress so my Tai Chi skills really pay off!  Relax and enjoy your gold…

Importantly it is also about using best materials and occasional improvising.  I recently watched a master Italian furniture gilder using a foam brush instead of a gilders tip with loose leaf and it worked superbly well. Have tried it and yes it’s far more stable and easier than the classic gilders tip. The best gold is also far easier to handle than going for the best price… cheaper with carry static and feel brittle… adding time to the work and in the end falsifying your project economy.

Never cut corners with gold… your client must be made aware of it’s special qualities or even helped choose another option. Hope you enjoy the read 🙂



Oil gilding is perhaps the easiest process of all gilds. In theory you can oil gild any object that you can paint, but it is especially fitting when wanting to gild a metal object. Also, if the object is to be outside in the elements, or is in a damp atmosphere, then oil gilding is the choice.

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