A client said to me yesterday  

… but it is very expensive… we can’t afford it.

NGS reply:

The only expensive sign is a cheap one – because it fails you,

… misrepresents you and portrays you as second rate. It attracts the wrong customer base which raises the likelihood of contractual problems and at worst a bad client will one day dishonour you.

It will take you on a rocky path when going that bit extra would have brought you to the road of success… and much more.

There is nothing like calculating correctly, a measure of going forward risk and experiencing immediate success entirely on the back of your own sound business judgement. A good sign EARNS for you, it costs you nothing.

NGS will portray your own success and for years to come, your sign will become your greatest sales asset and marketing partnership.

Great signs therefore cost???

(ask me for terms and payment options – I can spread a payment over 3 months)