I’ve been looking around a host of websites recently taking a look at what other writers have been up to and it’s interesting to see the variation in work.

One this struck me was how many writers employ an approach the contrasts the current trend today.

Creative Signwriting has grow out of the brewery industry by and large and this DNA seems to permeate most styles of writing from the traditional sign companies, despite the use of digital technology.

Enough said today signwriting isn’t just about the artisan it’s about the brand and how it becomes enriched in paint… via the brush.

I say via the brush because this is where the practice is splitting off.

A number of writers are claiming to use hand painting when in fact they are using sign stencils… a vinyl mask that is laid pressed and then filled with enamel.  This creates the illusion of writing yet is really little better than applied vinyl because the end result has no hand made painted cutting.

  Left:  Peeling off Vinyl stencil

This is OK if you are looking for a discount solution – hey hold on… make sure the writer offers you a discount on vinyl masking because it is a quick fix solution and should cost 50% of the traditional painted rata.

By hand I mean applying with the brush in the traditional way… no shortcuts or gimics.

Above:  Writing in the Modern context – by hand

When I create a sign it is via the skill and execution of 32 years… in a modern way.  You end up with artistry, and accuracy in Corp ID.

The vinyl stencil is mechanical and doesn’t compare… but that’s just my opinion!


Nick Garrett NGS