Penhaligon’s Case History

This was a fantastic project – such a lot happened in a short space of time.


Christopher Jenner Regent Street


Meeting Chris Jenner was a high spot during this 4 day site project, because of his warmth, zest and aura of quality.  

The new English design is something that integrates the mix of ethnicity in this great culture…

The whole interior theme comes alive with colour, interesting organic forms, near far cultural accents and eclectic style.  

It is a beguiling marriage the allow Chris to continually lead retail interior trend… that pure design forefront is where it’s always at for me.  NG

Case history 

The intensity and desire for finesse in this classical gilded window project was entirely down to me… me wanting this window to be the best I have made in my 32 yr career.  I didn’t want it anything other than a super super fine piece of painted jewellery.


The Paint

The specialist signwriting enamel had 2 additions for even greater adhesion: Oneshot hardener and Handover’s glass enamel matt. Combined they create a fantastic bond.


The 3mm outline and font architecture

I used a new technique of painting the 3mm main lettering outlines: the outline was divided into inner and outer segments – a 2mm inline with an outer clean 1mm wrap forming 1 perfect 3mm line on all curved segments.  Not many can do this (we call it atom splitting 🙂 but the result is super fine tension, beautiful flow on the eye and clean accuracy. It kind of gets down to the core purity of it!

The font had a number of curious anomolies … unexpected twists in serif weights and styles. There was the keynote fine fluted slabs but then a certain glyphs they changes to goose billed calligraphic thorns.

The descents became marked and accentuated creating a taut gothic Englishness…’s Regent Street


The Gold Leaf

The Cornellison’s 23ct English Victorian gold leaf batch we had was absolutely sublime and heavy (which is not always the case) so it made the gilding really slick and a pleasure – Jack gilded the smaller text perfectly too.


Backing up was a good place for Jack and Beth to practice on a few letters.



The final clean off was really quite tough because the gild had such a high bond – a good thing but it was really intense because the clean can sometimes damage the outline – but this one was perfect because of the hardener and matt glass enamel (and I didn’t miss my flight).


Design draft: Colin Appleton, Nick Garrett

Outline, Gilding, Back-Up, Clean:  Nick Garrett

Assisted:  Pre/Post Clean, Gild ‘London’, Back-Up Paint, Photos: Jack Hollands

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Special thanks to Christopher Jenner, David Smith, Dan Seese and shop fitting team.