NGS sign service is Design Based, meaning it never underestimates the power of good design.  In the video above I talk about the typographic fine tuning that is a natural part of our process but marks me out as a writer who makes every sign link to its immediate surroundings by style and local culture.

For it to succeed it has to speak the right visual language. 


It’s easy to use me as your sign designer, because NGS aims to be professional and clear:  we always start with your concept and creative ideas… so email what you have in mind and we can develop a great theme together.


Pamela will often be your first telephone contact at NGS and I’ll get back to you with an idea of time-scale, visual and cost immediately after yr chat with her – for further info see our FAQ below.


NGS and the power of our DESIGN based culture

By getting your sign designed absolutely right you will gain huge benefit not just in strengthening turnover but in clarifying what you are about – but that’s just the starter.

We take onboard and deliver:

     Your Brand ID

     Visuality and Vibrance

     Traffic – getting people through yr door

     Crossover – creating logos that can be used across all platforms




     Sign position

     Trend:  Changing and Current


For any designer embarking on a brand ID project it is a journey based on helping the client help themselves establish their message and ethos.

It encompasses a lot of self reflection – what do I do? What do I really want to do… what do I definately do not want to do.

It also projects dream ambitions – going into new fields and levels.

The impression formed and implication gained out of a truly great ID will create today what you could have only dreamt of yesterday and still dream for tomorrow.

It’s all possible.


OUR MARKETING REACH – read all about it!!

We have developed a series of domains that publish design articles to 15,000 people a month.  

Here’s something no other sign company offer up front. We blog your new sign project across Linkedin, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Desight Blog, WordPress and the broader web via our websites and blogs.  This is a huge extra… see our articles

DESIGN FINE TUNING – Case the Homarge Gallery, 166 Walton Street London

When we take on the design of your fascia we often locate the local iconic font.  In the case of the Homarge Gallery we took inspiration from the Windsor style of the cast lettering at South Kensington tube station just round the corner.

But the linotype fonts available to the modern graphic designer frankly lack balance and finesse – I spent a few hours re-drawing the characters and as I wrote them on the day some new additional signatures happened such as the arched crossbars of the A and H characters.

The result was an entirely hand rendered unique sign identity.

Above – identity is made with a balance of design and simple message… however there is also the valuable place for complexity see Crazy Pig Designs below..

Each of these design initiatives will add to the spread of your name, gaining in marketing reach and business flow through your door – it is fair to say, we will build for you today not just a great sign but an icon for your tomorrow.

on the line - Nick Garrett signwriter London

I am always happy to offer some sound advice and help out if I can.

Nick Garrett  



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07951509238   Skype:  nickgarrett2828

Note  if there is an overseas code come up on my mobile number it’s because I’m on a short contract in Europe.


  • FAQ – a must read for helpful ideas, advice and tips

    Here are answers to some of the more common questions asked – if you do not find the information you are seeking please do not hesitate to contact us and I will be happy to assist.

    Q.  How do we get started?

    I will usually ask you for some photos of the job location, deadline and JPG of the design you require – I then create a visual and costings in 12-24hrs. If you need a design created I can do that along the lines of what you like, want, need. Just ask and I’ll do my best!

    Remember your name is important but you must say exactly what you do in order to gain success from your new sign concept.

    Q.  What file type should I be sending for output/design?

    JPG is the most common file type although almost any file type can be utilised such as jpeg, tiff, eps, pdf, ai, psd, dxf, dwg and many more.

    Q.  What size and resolution should my artwork be?

    Artwork should be at least 72dpi and a maximum of 720dpi at full size if your artwork for instance is half size it should be twice the final desired output resolution.

    How long will I have to wait for my order?

    We usually can turn round most of our clients requirements in a week or two dependant on the brief. If a tight deadline is required please contact us and we will endeavour to meet your requirements. Always state your expected delivery, collection or fitting date on your order.

    What do I do if I am unsure of my requirements?

    I am always happy to help and advise on all aspects of your requirements. I can arrange a site survey. Remember always ask and I will always advise whether asked or not on the best visual solution and most cost effective your job requires.

    Is there a minimum order cost or a minimum quantity requirement?

    In a word no, although a minimum call out of 80.00 does apply to small one-off works.

    Do I need to get a professional to create artwork or drawings?

    We can produce your every design wish from either a sketch, vocal brief or existing artwork – on some complex projects we recommend several graphic designers who can also assist.  NGS can create layouts, logos or 3D, autoCad, technical drawings either from scratch or amend existing artwork or ideas.

    Does NGS only operate in the UK?

    NGS can work pretty much anywhere in the world. We use international carriers and have experienced crews to travel to any continent.

    … any other questions just let me know. Nick Garrett