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This page explains why you must use traditional processes for best results:  REVERSE GLASS GILDING LONDON

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Pride of London

NGS Vintage gold leaf windows by hand...


About NGS Gold Leaf REVERSE GLASS GILDING LONDON – making fabulous windows

The power of 24ct gold has on passers by is what makes it such a key asset to a growing business and signwriter’s tool set.

It sells your best product and increases your quality client list. 

Reverse glass gilding London gleams from all angles. It is always visible in the most spectacular way … the sun never bleaches it from view, in mid afternoon it glows much as it does at dawn and under artificial lighting it becomes gloriously luminous. Our London Reverse Glass gilding is an example of the most beautiful lettering in the world.

‘Nothing conveys as much impact on a window as gold leaf.’ Raymond. J. Le Blanc. 1978:7

Reverse glass gilding Nick Garrett NGS London UK

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Procuring Gilded signage? Are you aware of what you are buying? Like for Like?

When you shop around for gilding it is essential you have a good knowledge of what constitutes the best value for money.  Is for example a price comparison like for like? Is it really bespoke and from the finest, time honoured craftsmanship?

Why my gilding sparkles with Tradition and beauty

My gilded works are beautiful objects because I create beautiful designs.  The outlines are then painted entirely by hand using a fine, NGS, custom made, sable rigger brush – yep it’s made to measure. I then lay the gold on by hand and fine gilder’s tip, in the genuinely traditional way. It’s a slower process by 5-10% but there again it’s worth it and 5-10% time spent on the gilding is a guarantee of quality – that time can be saved elsewhere if necessary.

My competitors often use vinyl stencil masking system and ‘speed gild’ to cut corners and time.

Speed Gilding – Why I will never use it, nor recommend it

The problem with speed gilding is it lays the gold on from the paper directly to the glass and creates a cold, albeit clean, yet faceless gild. Whereas by hand and badger hair ‘tip’, the journey from the cutting knife and traditional suede pad to the glass causes subtle ripples in the leaf which lands the gold, like water laps the shore… naturally – and with every slight ripple starting a journey that gradually turns it into mirrored gold. Yet the fine ripple is in there … in spirit.  It’s not visible to the naked eye once burnished, but it catches the light and creates more depth and sparkle. In other words it holds the light, it’s alive… speed kills as they say…

There it is. The secret told. Now ask the question.

tims-bistro-ngs-glass-gilding-serviceIn Ink We Trust Glass gilder Nick Garrett signwriter


Taylor Taylor glass gild, REVERSE GLASS GILDING LONDON

Reverse glass gilding is something I specialise in for no other reason than love of the sumptuous material itself. It is an excuse for me to indulge… like a great swig of the finest Brunello.

 Thanks to Signwriting Jack, Perry Signs, Insegne di pinto a mano Milano and John Pope signs


Materials and method – knowing what you want

Quality is everything to us… and our vintage design detailing sets the gold ablaze with energy and zest – we are expert typographic designers as well as letterers. We use only the best extra heavy and double gold leaf including Italian red, and the strongest French glue size for ultimate longevity and bond. The gold leaf is then backed with 3 coats of enamel and varnished for ultimate protection, more than any other company in London.

The gold surface is allowed to feel hand made… never over finished or ‘speed gilded’.

Nick Garrett Gilding on Glass NGS London signwriting 3

It’s the knowledge, design and artistry that sets our gold leaf signwriting apart.


It is the ultimate finish for any business.


Hope you enjoy these pages.


Nick Garrett



Mirror Gold Leaf


tims-bistro-gilded-windows-ngs-londonNGS reverse glass gilding


Hand painted in every detail – here we see the outline pained ready for the gold leaf…

Below the gold is applied and the over lays cleaned off when dry, revealing the perfect letters.

Clear #ngsgilding #mirrorgold #alwaysbyhand #NGSsignwriting

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Reverse glass gilding Nick Garrett NGS London UK 02

Above:  The perfect gilded letters revealed.

REVERSE GLASS GILDING LONDON, Penhaligon's glass gilding NGS London

 Tradition is all about being meticulous.  

Gilding is exciting! A full blown passion… afterall, pure gold leaf is the finest material in the world of lettering.  It says a everything right about your business and while it is a premium finish, it needn’t cost a fortune in the hands of an expert.

I create mirror gold, distressed and 2 tone finishes. Below are some nice examples of what I do around town. Hope you like.

Nick Garrett



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Gold  leaf masters of London

Craftsmanship, expertise and beauty

REVERSE GLASS GILDING LONDON, in ink we trust, NGS signwriting


Glass gilding by Hannah at NGS

Glass gilding NGS London

High Burnished Mirror Gilding – Distressed Gilding – Angel Gilding



Thanks to Signwriting Jack, Perry Signs, Insegne di pinto a mano Milano and John Pope signs

REVERSE GLASS GILDING LONDON, Nick-Garrett-Gilding-on-Glass-NGS-London-signwriting-11

Crazy Pig distressed ‘Chicago Gold’

Gold leaf for Fred Perry London


Mirrored gild at Fred Perry



Char 72

Love hate NGS gilding

Le Labo Milano - NGS Signwriting Nick Garretti 002

Distressed Gold at Le Labo


Le Labo Street art NGS

REVERSE GLASS GILDING LONDON, Fred Perry Finished signwriting gold leaf. Nick Garrett signwriter.Gilded-Signwriting-NGS-London-designed-for-style-768x1024

The Sublime Power of Gold 




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Penhaligon's glass gilding NGS London



OUR BLOG about our Gold Leaf specialisation




An Aside

We have advanced our bespoke range of signage to include new innovative surface and material, glass gilded designs and site hoarding wrap applications.  Lettering need never be the same again.

Venetian etched glass signage interior glass panels NGS

Heritage and Tomorrow – Gallery of works and Inspiration

Custom NGS Graphic design,  Printers and Prints.





VIDEO  –  Nick gilding with pure white gold leaf.

Genuine gold leaf gilding and it’s not only the best material but it lasts the longest – and because we have so much experience, we can make it genuinely affordable too.


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Leadenhall Market gilding


… it gleams and reflects – an unparalleled beauty



Nick Garrett is a specialist sign gilder with restoration and decorative works across the globe and a reputation synonymous with quality.  Recently projects have included notable works in West End, prestigious Chelsea homes, projects in Italy and the City of London.


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There is no finish more beautiful than gold leaf


Traditional Hand Signwriting and Gilding: About Water Gilding, Nick Garrett


Gold leaf Specialists NGS LONDON


Even in today’s modern architectural context gold leaf still stands as a statement of tradition, elegance and quality.

Whether you require 24ct English or Italian gold leaf, lemon antique gold, blue bronze, white gold or platinum leaf, I can help choose the perfect material for your design and create a stunning final piece.


Gold leaf is my life

Love hate NGS gilding

If you have a gilding project, need genuine expertise and that extra finesse then contact me at for more information and pricing.


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This page REVERSE GLASS GILDING LONDON covers the bespoke sign practice of Nick Garrett, including MIlano, Italia, Classic and Modern examples of Pub Signage, Reverse Glass work, Retail fascias and Cafe writing… with a gallery of recent works in videos and images that will add inspiration to your next sign project.

Thanks to Signwriting Jack, Perry Signs, Insegne di pinto a mano Milano and John Pope signs