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 Classic Modern Cafe

12348410_789161377874003_476654366_nCafe signs NGS12342816_10207968169780108_1356303127985624796_nCAFe Glass NGS SignsRetro Italian


Mirror Gold Leaf

Le Bab LondonCafe Murano Covent garden London by nick garrett NGS

Inspiration: Leo Beukeboom Photo Vincent Plisson

Inspiration: Leo Beukeboom Photo Vincent Plisson

Les Gourmets NGS London

Buon Appetito NGS
Nabarro caffe time NGS signwriting


Buenos Aires Cafe finished NGS Nick Garrett Hannah Matthews 002

NGS e Bellissimo! Signwriting

blanc-de-blancs-Nutbox Brand ID Nick Garrett

Brand ID design

Les Gourmets NGS London 002

The perfect sign - appreciation


One of my favorite fun panels The London Grappa Bar painted in acrylic with distress.


co-reserve-Brand design Nick Garrett


Paris cafe NGS inspiration

Paris cafe NGS inspiration piece.

Above: This beautiful inspirational  fascia panel is in Paris and features a scrolled Romantic with shaded block.


Cafe Zefi fini 002

A recent cafe completed in Walton Street London. Type is based on American Typewriter withe several alterations such as enlarged ‘Z’ with accented top serif and curl over ‘F ‘connecting to the ‘I’ point. The tiny details do count and make our work standout.


Good coffee is a very important part of my life, sharing time between UK and Italy, but the visual delights of the French and Italian cafe style go far and beyond… the taste lingers.

Pie Republic NGS

Written recently in Bethnal green.


Here are some samples and inspiration snippettes from our collection.  Hope you like..



Brutti & Boni fini

Alessandro’s deli cafe in Gloucester Road London had a special Italian script and open spacing to the Gotham Light to set this off as a pure design icon. All of the curves were ‘onestroke’.

I take pride in combing over designs and eeking out any slight oversights and spacing errors – it makes a huge and beautiful difference.