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Here are answers to some of the more common questions asked.

If you can’t find the information here please contact us – I will be happy to assist.

Getting started is easy

  • Firstly email us and we’ll give you some good feedback on design and detail.

Production starts with Design – I will ask you for some photos of the job location, deadline and JPG of the design you require – I then create a visual and costings in 12-24hrs.  If you need a design created I can do that along the lines of what you like, want, need. Just ask and I’ll do my best!

What file type should I be sending for output/design?

  • JPG or EPS are the most common file type –  PDF is also fine.

What size and resolution should my artwork be?

  • Artwork should be at least 72dpi and a maximum of 720dpi at full size if your artwork for instance is half size it should be twice the final desired output resolution.

How long will I have to wait for my order?

  • We usually can turn round most of our clients requirements in a week or two dependant on the brief. If a tight deadline is required please contact us and we will endeavour to meet your requirements. Always state your expected delivery, collection or fitting date on your order.

What do I do if I am unsure of my requirements?

  • I am always happy to help and advise on all aspects of your requirements. I can arrange a site survey. Remember always ask and I will always advise whether asked or not on the best visual solution and most cost effective your job requires.

Is there a minimum order cost or a minimum quantity requirement?

  • In a word no, although a minimum call out of 80.00 does apply to small one-off works.

How much more does it cost for Gold Leaf?

  • We gild a lot around London so we must be getting our costs right – normally gold adds 40% on normal writing costs.

For reverse Glass Gilding it usually adds 80% to cost.

Do I need to get a professional to create artwork or drawings … or even paint my fascia?

  • We can produce your every design wish from either a sketch, vocal brief or existing artwork. NGS can create layouts, logos or 3D, autoCad ,technical drawings either from scratch or amend existing artwork or ideas.

Your fascia needs to be painted to the best quality possible – we can fwd notes on methods and tricks to get the best out of your preparation – badly paint base coats will cause delays and shorten the durability of your sign.

Do NGS operate outside the UK?

  • NGS can work pretty much anywhere in the world. We use international carriers and have experienced crews to travel to any continent.

… any other questions just let me know.  

Nick Garrett 


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