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There is always a warm and homely feeling when you walk into a small shopfront or visit a local artist’s still life drawing class.

You might be browsing through a clothing rack or ordering a plate of pasta, but through that long experience or short experience, you’re not just purchasing a product or attending a service, you’re getting to know someone’s story, or someone’s family, or someone’s french bulldog, the little sentimental charms that really make retail a delicacy.

Chloë Garrett


Sterling Bar at Gherkin London

Chalk Panels Nick Garrett NGSThe Sterling Bar at the Gherkin London. oo2Eco chalks NGS London

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NGS  Scripts & Chalk Casual signs that fly



Chalkettes always on the mark and on fun!

Nabarro 2 Finished NGS London

Stuff Pie Easter sign

Designed to suit perfectly

Board 4 72

Chalk Board delights! NGS

When it comes to Chalk we do some really special things.

Chalk or Chalk pen, amazing zesty material, full of life and spontaneity! Big or Small.

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Chalk 3

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Inspired by Retro

NGS chalksign panels

Petit NGS Inspiration

Chalk 2 Chalk

Hej WB sketch

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Retro or Cafe modern

Chalk designer script NGS

 nabarro 05

Shoe shine

poster painting





We take inspiration from a host of origins, French posters, Victoriana and funky modern themes.

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French Cafe

1950s American 

City Style


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Coffee & Tea Menu NGS

Menu boards, wine lists..

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The retro Mood Loose Sans Serif

The retro Mood Loose Sans Serif


Need poster writing and chalk work try us for the freshest chalkboard designs in London.  

Nick & Chloe Garrett

Only Roses UK NGSigns




French Cafe

1950s American 

City Style



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SMUDGEPROOF, hand illustrated Chalkboard art, Menu boards and signs ideal for London’s restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, cafés, theaters, universities, markets, retail establishments… where eye catching signs are a MUST!



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