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Numerals and door insignia are an important statement for any home.

Writing numerals needs a fair bit of consideration.  For this set above I measured the heights from deck of nos 22 and 26 finding 20mm difference placing 22 in the balanced mean.  

Font sizes and styles also varied up and down the street as they were all written by different writers over the past 30 years or so. This numeral set was traced from 2 neighbouring lettered pillars and tweaked making them distinctive.

It was as if the whole of London’s signwriting echelon surrounded me as I wrote them.

A SIMPLE MESSAGE from Nick Garrett Shoreditch and City sign man

Brand Museum sign by NGS London

Glass gilding NGS London12804888_10208686672062216_1515630288023186493_n  1934509_10208686691622705_7925213444136199638_n        12804695_10208680472027219_7134750002437220634_n                 Applying great design NGS

Our signs breed success.

Our renowned hand painted signs, hand painted murals and traditional sign writing service gets results  – you’ll directly benefit from our 3 decades of experience which will factor in:

– Head turning sign design

      – Unique ID

            – Powerful Unique Selling Point  message



How crucial is the right quality on you retail front end?  

It’s everything right?

–  As a start-up you need impact to move aside competition

–  As an up and running you need brand myth n impact to maintain your precious client loyalty and win a real share of passing trade and new life-blood business.

How do we make it happen?

It’s in every fibre of our creative process – our understanding of your immediate audience – our savvy – our successful global career and London roots.

All we know.. all we do … all you need.

We treat your business like it’s our own.



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