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New artwork – NGS graphics and traditional signwriters London

Design Communication

I always offer to assist the creative process.  In this project the artwork arrived in PDF layout form and I set about applying useful elements in order to flesh up the look.

TB designer Barry Wylie was great to work with offering loads of images and ideas… but it was important for me to let him know that he could fwd me any amount of info he wanted – that in no event would this become a nuisance.  The opposite is true.  Quality input breeds success.

Flagging up good practices with designers who share great communication skills allows the project to develop more fully.

It also feeds the whole schedule with shared ethos, depth and understanding.

Communication is crucial – I really work hard at building good communication skills.  In the past I studied counselling in order to amplify my communication ability.  It paid dividends.

In the design process it is never the case of expecting to get the look right first time.  A concept has to travel around the team – qualified people with a diverse range of views.

When ideas come back from first submission I can’t wait to wade it and make refinements.


Criticism is brilliant!  It aims always to take the best in the concept and better it.


The objective of embarking on brand or product design is to create something stunning that works.

For that running ideas round a team is always the best option.


It may be that we will work together in the future – I hope this short article gives you an insight into my constant striving for good design practice and underscores your own belief in communication based design methodology.




Truly COOL – a bit about Brand mojo signwriting, Nick Garrett

Modern Brand Signwriting: A bit about the B2B/C power of my fresh modern sign writing 

Sign writing has always been a highly creative process and while today it allows me to offer a generally a lower cost option than digital print,  I take pride in the new modern graphic feel entering my practice – young designers are seeing signwriting as the perfect medium to express their distinctive London retro style.

NGS brand sign writing is now truly modern, truly cool… and truly profitable

The power of my top quality hand painted or gilded sign craftsmanship lies in the fact that it is simply brimming with character… it will talk your talk and is as a signature of quality for your business front end.  

It is most certainly a beautiful way of communicating because it is completely bespoke.

A hand painted sign from me is energised: it will be a very cool looking high resolution product, lasting 15 years, speaking volumes, while genuinely building your brand ID (and client list), day in, day out..

If you have the opportunity to say who you are, what you do, choose us as you hand painted signwriting professionals, because NGS strive to do the job better than any.

It’s a fully editable sign design made exactly to your spec and budget requirements. 

Above:  Nick signwriting in Tate Modern recently. Below:  55 Great Eastern Street, new POD store opening – signs NGS.


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Above: the new POD mural for Mansion House outlet… taking off nicely and turning over great, delish fast slowfood!

The NGS team give you great value and service

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