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NGS Christmas Painted Wonder Window Display ideas

NGS are offering a bespoke window decoration display service aimed at launching your Christmas spirit and fabulous Yule Tide season. Below are 2 great articles and some inspiration… am sure you have plenty of ideas.

Christmas Painted Wonder Window Displays



Above some beautiful Xmas inspiration – NGS also now offer this decoration service



This is a really wonderful example of the richness created by the hand of the artist… NGS

The Coffee Pot Continues Painted Windows Tradition with “A Christmas Carol” Theme


Click on any image to enlarge.

The folks at The Coffee Pot in downtown Greenville have once again teamed up with local artist Michael Glass to cap off their Christmas preparations with a series of window paintings. For their second year, Rob and Amber Garrett, owners of The Coffee Pot, decided to feature Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” with a portrait by Glass on each window depicting major scenes in the book.

The Garretts want to create traditions that residents can look forward to each year and mentioned that they have been asked many times about the window paintings throughout the year in anticipation for the holiday season. Last year, Glass painted several Dickensian type portraits, although there was no direct connection to the classic Christmas tale. This year, they decided to focus the paintings on the story itself, and intend to feature different Christmas stories each year.

This year, if you begin on the corner of 5th and Broadway, you will see the title of the story followed by a portrait of Scrooge. As you work your way north down Broadway, the windows hit the main beats of the story, including the ghosts and the eventual meeting on Christmas Day with Tiny Tim. Each portrait also contains a quote of a relevant passage from the book, painstakingly painted by Glass.

Michael Glass was still putting the final touches on the paintings on Wednesday evening. He said he has spent approximately 5-6 hours per painting from initial sketch to the final product. He also is producing a video demonstration on the methods he is using to produce the paintings with the hope that other artists could do similar works at other locations.

Stop by and check out the paintings and the incredible level of detail Glass has put into each one.

You can learn more about the art of Michael Glass by visiting his website by clicking here, and catch the many things happening at The Coffee Pot by “liking” their Facebook page.

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I was asked to paint a christmas scene on the windows of cell phone dealer and to get some inspiration I decided to google some unique window paintings. I was severely disappointed with the lack of creativity of these window painters! So then I started taking notice of all the paintings around town and found the same boring Santa’s, mistle toe and wreaths painted on windows everywhere.

I ended up painting Santa excited to look down at his blackberry and see Mrs.Claus calling him. Rudolph was beside him looking down at a wishlist that included phones like BlackBerry and Hero as well as Telus TV.

Here are a couple holiday paintings that I thought took some dandy creativity.

The first two aren’t necessarily creative imagery, the style is just unique.

This next one seems plain enough, but Santa is wearing a visitor’s pass to the place whose window he’s painted on.

This next one was obviously painted on a travel agency.

And this last one is the most original in my opinion, painted on a music store.

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Love hate Social Club – aka Miami Ink

Miami Ink open stunning new studio in London  – boooom!!

This project started up some 8 weeks ago and went through an incredible amount of change till finally going up in truly awesome style!

No 5 Blenheim Crescent has become the hip city Tattoo groove shack over night and on the official opening day there was a tail back up the street of eager tattoo fans and clients alike.

They surged into the shop and the guys cranked up and started tattooing like crazy…

By the end of the first afternoon dozens of tats had been completed or started, I’d completed a photo shoot with Flamingo magazine and 2 gilded panels, 2 glass gilded panels, one wall emblem, one numeral…

It was time to PaRtY!!!

Congratulations to Becky Morgan who shaped such a great shop…

Chillin’ with the dudes… finally it’s all open…

Interior gold leaf sign Nick Garrett

The quality of the logo drawings was stunning… straight out of the Miami Ink studio and into my printer the sketch was then faithfully reproduced in 23ct gold leaf.

Love hate Launch Party!


So all the layouts were combined and balanced by myself and Becky Morgan creating the final window splashes.  Becky was so cool because she kept the brief fluid combining so many artists ideas yet had the knack of landing it in a truly rock n roll class ass style!!!

I mean guys cummon this is her first major interior project… walk in and you just get it all, texture, richness, vintage, 360 cool, and having worked with the best like Tricia Guild etc Becky has a super rich style edge that just does it.

Tom our talented friendly cabinet maker gave use a great deal of support and all in all the atmosphere was electric as the Miami Ink guys landed each day.

The amazing thing was the level of energy and passion for making art and my lettering.

I just took their artwork and tweaked it to fit… so the best typography I’d worked with in years!  These guys are sensational.

Miami Ink were so engaging… unlike the brit design crowd who are briefed to create distance with contractors in order to form boundaries of us and them… this project was real… real talent, connectivity, heat, real people, real artistry.  And that surely shows.

Fantastic opening day and the party was a knock-out blast!

Huey Ami Becky rock on 🙂

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