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Jack Daniel’s: Evolving an icon

Jack Daniel’s: Evolving an icon

Jack Daniel’s is an iconic global brand, the best selling whiskey in the world. The brand’s values are timeless, but like every great brand, it needed to evolve to maintain its strength and affirm its authenticity in a changing world.

The challenge was to honor the brand’s legendary status while reinforcing its meaning in the world. New packaging uses language, imagery and iconography to tell the Jack Daniel’s story in a way that is as well crafted as the whiskey itself. We evaluated the equity of the brand elements, then edited carefully to clarify their meaning. The result is packaging that exudes quality and relevance, and is unmistakably Jack Daniel’s. The refined identity solidifies the brand’s position as a cultural icon.

From the U.S. to the U.K. and the rest of the world, Jack Daniel’s has incredible global reach. Above, a London taxi displays Jack Daniel’s branding in a proud way. Photo credit: Jade Rehco.

Evolving an Icon

The redesign of the famous label for Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey retains its signature qualities – the white filigree and familiar type. But we also edited elements to create a balanced design that better communicates the whiskey’s premium quality and its independent spirit.

We edited label elements based on what was most relevant.

The front label has steadily evolved over time, with a greater
presence of black and simplified decorative elements.

Still Old No. 7

The new bottle introduces chiseled shoulders and beveled corners to enhance the confident, masculine silhouette. The design stays true to the legacy of the original square bottle with fluted neck that Mr. Jack selected back in 1895.


A Refined Identity

The identity system keeps the classic elements of the old label, but has been edited to more clearly tell the product story. New iconography shows that every barrel is still mellowed, matured, and tasted at the historic distillery in Lynchburg, Tenn.

Expanding the Brand

The design for Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey places it at the center of the brand family. The new premix features common design elements that extend the brand into new occasions.

Introducing Tennessee Honey

Tennessee Honey is whiskey and honey liqueur created to offer consumers a new way to enjoy the Jack Daniel’s brand. The packaging incorporates traditional brand elements, and also adds new iconography and messaging to signal a flavor that is naturally sweet and easy to drink.

Telling the Jack Daniel’s Story

We created the Jack Daniel’s Guiding Principles book to help internal groups and agency partners understand the essence and values that continue to make Jack Daniel’s an enduring iconic brand. This guide provides a framework for creating and evaluating brand communications to ensure they always reflect the same high level of craftsmanship as the whiskey.


Selfridges launch non gender agenda

Nicopanda Courtesy of Selfridges

There’s change in the air, and Selfridges is one of the first to sense it. The London luxury retailer is sweeping aside cultural norms and launching a gender-neutral pop-up department that will include spaces on three of its four floors. It’s called Agender. The unisex experience won’t be limited to London, either. Selfridges outlets in Manchester and Birmingham will also feature gender neutral spaces.

“We want to take our customers on a journey where they can shop and dress without limitations or stereotypes,” the store said in a statement. “A space where clothing is no longer imbued with directive gender values, enabling fashion to exist as a purer expression of ‘self’.”

With girls appearing on the menswear runways (see: Gucci) and Acne trumpeting its pro-woman credentials with scarves reading “Gender Equality”, there’s probably never been a better time for a department store like Selfridges to try something new. Right now, it feels like there’s nothing more old-fashioned than the idea of a shopping aisles for women and another for men.

So how committed is Selfridges to its theme? Very. For one thing, the store is doing away with female and male mannequins – which still leaves the tricky question of how the garments will be displayed on the shopfloor. (DesignerFaye Toogood is tasked with designing the concept.) The shake-up also applies to beauty and accessories, with perfumes displayed alongside shaving products.

Selfridges has also lined up exclusive launches with Body Map, Nicopanda, Rad Hourani, and VFiles. Agender will launch on March 1 and run through to April. Hopefully this won’t just be a brief, fashionable nod towards gender neutrality – more of a harbinger of things to come.

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