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Butcher Shop Turner and George NGSigns Case: 399 St John’s Street London



This page covers the Case History of our recent Bespoke Vintage write in Angel.

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 T G NGS vintage letters



Design Contact: Mat Kemp

TeamPie Ltd


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Turner and George contact James George

Butcher Shop Turner and George NGSigns Case:  399 St John’s Street London

Project enquiry had lead time of 2 weeks which was enough to set up and clear designs with the Hackney Borough Listed Buildings permission for change process.



The logo we received was for the Copperplate layout which would need re-setting for the fascias of this beautiful shop.

Client requested a 3 dimensional chiseled treatment.

The above font was the first and final version submitted – which was a rarity and fair joy.

The Copperplate font was refined and beautified along the lines of the original Kensington and Chelsea characters.



The font required various changes to bring it in line with the original vintage Victorian Copperplate the we always use.

TG-lady-talking-623x1024TGNick Garrett Up The Ladder SignwriterTG ngs


INSPIRATION – Chelsea and Kensingon

TG inspiration

These gems above were sitting in the local pub just round the corner from our big Oaklands Court project which finished two days before T&G start-up.

Coincidences like this often happen when you are fully submerged in the process.

With the layout approved and Oaklands Court finished we set off to Angel.

DAY 2 – Taking shape

Turner and George NGS Signwriting

Clean up after a tough day in 85 degrees.



Gold size on

Love this nostalgia moment below:  This lady dropped by and chatted to me every day…


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A Right Character


Working Together – on your sign with NGS

Part 2 … continued from home page

WORKING TOGETHER – clear and easy

Brutti & Boni finiPixi Beauty finished NGS

We are highly communicative as project partners and work at getting the preparation just right in order to deliver the painted work without hitch.   It’s the difference… it guarantees a  sensational final product on time.

   –  CLIENT Fwd your design 

   –  NGS confirm or tweak for visual layout

   –  TOGETHER Final checks on layout style

   –  NGS Writing on site

WHATEVER YOU WANT… We shape your future

Whether you want sharp cool modern minimalism, or retro vintage lettering, give me a call or email me.

Organisation lies at the heart of what NGS do – We will schedule you in and keep you there come rain or…

Vintage Signwriting NGS




PART 3 Gallery

Recent works

          –  Fascias

          –  Glass 

          –  Gilding

Legendary signwriters NGS of London No7 temple1 Indian gastro NGS Wanstead Fish Specialists painted by London Sign specialists NGS In House girls Jet n mum - photo and sign writing Nick Garrett reverse glass gilding by ngs team nick garrett Brutti & Boni fini Wanstead F Finished NGS signs London

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