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Birmingham New Street Retro Fonts

Birmingham New Street

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3 Nov 2011 — 6:30am

Greater Albion Typefounbders has just launched Birmingham New Street on

Birmingham New Street is the latest updated development of a typeface family inspired by the hand lettered title on a 19th century railway map. The map, prepared by the London and North Western Railway was headed “Birmingham and environs”. New Street, meanwhile is the great 19th century commercial road linking the city centre of Birmingham with the train station of the same name. So, in a spirit of 19th century enterprise, we present “Birmingham New Street”, a fun family of three display faces, laden with open type features and late Victorian charm, ideal for posters, book covers and any other high flown design you might have in mind.





Numerals and door insignia are an important statement for any home.

Writing numerals needs a fair bit of consideration.  For this set above I measured the heights from deck of nos 22 and 26 finding 20mm difference placing 22 in the balanced mean.  

Font sizes and styles also varied up and down the street as they were all written by different writers over the past 30 years or so. This numeral set was traced from 2 neighbouring lettered pillars and tweaked making them distinctive.

It was as if the whole of London’s signwriting echelon surrounded me as I wrote them.

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