Classic Ghost signs by NGS

W5-NGS Ghost signs

Picked up enquiry from Jade Nina Sarkheland and Alex Wrethman of Charlotte’s Group which outlined door logos and 2 Ghost signs for the exterior entrances.

We opted for a soft warm pale grey fitting with the brand theme.

3 coats by hand, painted ghost sign application. Stripped out distress.



Martin Hopkins painted the lettering for the doors, as crisp as sushi.

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Tobias Newbigin and I stuck the tower together and set out the lettering to brickwork. First panel cut out and traced through with chalk line – second panel pounced.




Base coated with NGS stabilising glaze and mixed the white down with some egg yolk and carbopol fix.


We used 3 types of brushes to create the effect, including a fine hog mottler.

Craftmaster matt white.

Paint stripper daubs and wipes.


Outcome – level 3 distress, delighted client and crew, invite to opening.

charlottes W5 NGS signs London

Martin Tobi Nick – NGS


Charlotte’s Group

Top Floor

16 St Matthews Road

Ealing, London

W5 3JT


020 3145 0825




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