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Grocer signs and brand ID NGS London 4

Doing the business… making London rock

The Globe 2

Psychology:  Design is only successful when it performs

Cafes and bars need to run full … I design signage that attracts 3 types of clients:

#1 Local established… and more of.  #2.  New ‘wakey wakey’ clients.  #3.  Passing or impulse footfall.

The NGS design looks simple but it has elements that appeal to each group. That’s what I think of as defining successful signwriting.


The Globe Pub NGS Signwriting London


NGS designed the Globe Lisson Grove inside out…

LSS London NGS The London gilding and signwriting school 007 copia

for Chris and Yasmin down at the talent haven of Sugahill Cafe Sydenham the logo needed to be lively and retro 70s.

Retro script signwriting and typographic design NGS of London 001

Vintage gilding NGS London

Of course gold leaf is an amazing product for bars… loads of swag and style. This one for JJ and his fab new cocktail haunt.

London Cocktail Club

NGS Vintage gold leaf windows by hand...

NGS incorporate two tone gold in order to add life and energy to your windows.

Our glass gilding comes in all sizes.

3-compasses-ngs-london 11831715_10207339799471243_9143450330879140231_n

A fine script always engages product and steering messages beautifully, persuasively.


A delicate pictorial hinting at classical engravers hand as a poetic sensuality to the traditional Roman letters.


Trajan Roman attuned to the English countryside with a flared Y and subtle shade adds a classical voice with a gentle modern graphic theme.

Perfect for our modern client.


The Dutchy sporting ornate swashes and the Bank Bar below with its trimmed modern Copperplate.

Design treatments that steer away from the obvious and create a sharp, subtle design hook.


The Fox in Haggerston has it’s pictorial image restored and slightly freshened.  The brushwork softer yet fresher opens up the image for better viewing and lighting.



It’s all about taking a dunk…

15283941_10211149290946149_4933443780947163125_n  ngs-london-pub-signs-2

Whether using a Trajan Roman above or stencil below, the scaling of letters is crucial. Readability and beautiful proportion are areas in which we are never surpassed. Never.

no32theoldtown4-1200x800-1024x682 Le Bab London photo-1-8-1

The joy we get from Restoration works shines through. The research and fine tuning of the often eccentric original hand makes each project come alive. I have often sensed the spirit of the past around me on these fascias… and not just the whisky.


Wayfaring signs are also especially important. We usually add a vintage theme and layout. It creates another helpful voice around the interior.

photo-4-3 roof-terrace-at-the-fox-ngs-signwriters salt-quay-1 the-fox-haggerston-nick-garrett the-george-tavern-london-signwriter-nick-garrett-ngs-3 tobias-newbigin w5-ngs-ghost-signs1


Hospitality signs have to wet the appetite.  These are our latest tasty treats!

Pizza Nativa interior sign panels NGS

Pizza Nativa Baker Street


Fitzbillies interior panel NGSigns London


Miles and Bird NGS sign contract1525608_10206389624597465_3464386893729021172_n 11088627_10206389195426736_4532523855701358206_o 11174355_10206389195346734_3819580591234115849_o 11196262_10206389196226756_8820751085479632283_n

Fitzbillies exterior panel NGSigns gilding London

Fitzbillies Cafe Cambridge



Amazon Cafe London

KPH America casual Nick Garrett signwriter London UK 002

KPH Notting Hill

KPH America casual Nick Garrett signwriter London UK

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Nabarro London Wall

Nabarro-125-London-Wall-Welcome-Wall-Detail-1-by-NGSPOD wall mural NGS London signwriters, murals and artworks

Pod Good Food London

Ass NGS Signs


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