Eurovision Club sign case London – NGS

Here is a quick photo case of our flash splash for Bunga Bunga disco club in Battersea.

NGS project artists here are:  Jack Hollands and Nick Garrett  

Below: diffused spray effect

It was really cold and after an hour right at our backs 3 huge reverse cycle air con units started up, blowing FREEZING air into our kidneys!!  Time to move inside!!

Minus 3 degs in Battersea … brrrrr

Inside and out of the freezing sleet was much better but the board was a bit flippy wobbleboard –  but we got it under control and stitched in the detailing with a fine sable No 00 brush to the globe which completely transformed the piece..

Finally I lay in the shading and slapped on Glow in the Dark phosphorous paint to all white areas and the job was done!

Jack did the double coat and stars which got us in the local (for a half pint) by 8.30pm.

Tonal transition on the mirror tile details created the sensation of light and 3D

Nick Garrett – Design, layout, all paint, detailing Jack Hollands – tech assist draw up and double coating Silvio Berlusconi – toilet cleaner