Making brand for London … and beyond

Fred-Perry fini
RougeC&B type route4

Emille copy


Above:  Working with Neon’s Dana Robertson for leading wine merchant.

NGS Branding and Fonts

As part of our service we offer complete font development alongside graphic and brand design.

Here are some of our recent commissions and a bit about the journey.

AB Logo 007 72

Adam Baillie

Adam Baille was stuck on a design motif for over 2 years – coming to us he exchanged ideas and we ended up with this blend of hand finished feel for his corp ID.

Featuring our NGS Johnston Highbury font.


NGS Logo and Brand ID work


New Brand for 11 wines 1 Gin and 1 Whisky – very tasty


Oliver Vanders

OV Silver Vaults came in with a rough sketch which we converted and refined into this hand scribed logo.

The creative process included calligraphy, brush work and finally photoshop.



Love Hate Social Club –  what can we say

tat fini

21  Signage designed for Miami Ink – London HQ

Legendary distressed originals - signwriters NGS of London

Above:  Retro panel designed by NGS and painted for McDonalds

Upmarket glass gilding NGS


Above – NGS designed the logo and gilded for McCafe advert – Below:  The ad goes viral!!

MCCafe McCafe posters


Nick Garrett London Signwriter

Ultra retty logo designed and painted for VGB Shoreditch


AB Logo 007 72

Adam Baillie


Grid murals for Damien Hirst – not exactly brand but had to be included for it’s graphic precision… 126 sqm mtr of perfectly executed linear graphics in 13 fantastic Tate days.

Ted Baker banner design for Brompton Rd interior theme.  A design going on to influence 2013 graphics for TB.



Nick Garrett London Signwriter

BOLD concept 002 72

Label packaging for London spirit co.



Parma Ham postcard  image

Simple brand idea for postcard Food n Walk Tours



Fairly awesome Signage in Angel and graphics branding


Agency Work Club London – we designed 2 great walls for Andy Sandoz and crew

DFIU Fin Viz for Work Club London - NGS Mayday 88 artwork NGS

MayDay Rooms – 88 Fleet Street


Wovlerine close up

Font treatment for Wolverine

Upstairs logo maroon

Waterstones Hampstead with this 1930’s wall mural



Brand Design