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Video shop sign Sylvanian Families hand painted by NGS

Finishing a 3 day shop sign repaint in Arsenal N London.

Loose Grotesque Sans Serif – Shop Sign Case history

The retro Mood Loose Sans Serif  The retro Mood – Loose Sans Serif 

I am developing a shop sign graphic using an aged yet precise hand rendered look for leading food chain – the graphic application is actually surprisingly tricky as the font characteristics can become over cooked and the strap-line readability lost… the trick is to create a balance that resonates both look and crucially brand message.

Below: New layout visual showing old face signwriter’s Sans Serif

Hand render feel - the desired effect
Above:  Hand render feel – the desired effect with grunge option
The rather genuine article!

The rather more genuine article forming the project Mood


Follow this article for updates of the next site due to be painted 26 April 2012.

Nick Garrett



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