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Attempting something really special for each and every client… and creating amazing signs – and then teaching the skills to a new generation.

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I am a London-based sign writer and typographic designer. I graduated in 1981 with a first class honours degree in Fine Art (Painting) from Camberwell School of Arts. I am considered by many as one of the best writers in the world – though I prefer to simply work away at improving my weaknesses and learning from those master writers’ shoulders I perch on.

I began signwriting in 1975 and during college years while working at Franklin’s Antique Market in Camberwell. Working with these restorers and traders, each with a rich knowledge of antique traditions, I learned a lot about classical writing. My grandfather letter cutter Francis Baker also had a major influence on me.

Later, after graduating I studied for a year with Andrew Whitmore in his Wandsworth studio, going solo after he developed ill health and working as a Pub sign gilder for ten years.

With the brewery work I met clients and colleagues I work with to this day, nearly 40 years later.

After spending a decade helping Tricia Guild, Laura Ashley and Nina Campbell create stunning shabby chic finishes and designing furniture I now combine these ingenious genres in a unique and stylish way.


I  created all of Tricia guild’s painted furniture for the Tricia Guild Painted Country and In Town publications – this was the trend lead birth of shabby chic as we know it.

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Today I have worked with most major brands and train young artists in the art of sign paining – my talented team include many of my past students.

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I am available for commissions great and small. Whether it is a gift for a loved one, timeless numbers for your home or a classical shopfront identity, contact me by website form, phone or email and we can discuss whatever it is that you desire.


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For any new London business ID formation it is crucial to load quality and detail into the areas that many would simply overlook.

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So it’s in the detail that we revel but moreover we take the detail of the past too… a retro font or motif and add it to a new, dynamic fresh context today.  Tradition becomes what it always was in it’s new-beginnings… a thing of the future.

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