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Vintage gilding NGS London


Glass gilding in satin and mirrored gold leaf. The London Cocktail Club’s new London Bridge venue coming along nicely.




No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.




We are busy keeping it simple, making highly original and creative signs for London projects – check this our Gallery landing page. We take your info, design them by hand, show you a nice sketch and scribe it across the wall for you. No fuss, a little gold dust and a lot of trust… and always great signs that sell your worthy products.


Casual script Ngs London Signwriters Shaded Cursive NGS London signwriters

Quality is about sound knowledge and here I explain the process so you get to know the knowledge, tucked away inside these great painted letters.


Nick garrett signwriting UK London



We Teach. We Share and Strive for the Best


Signsmiths gilding and lettering course London UK 008 Signsmiths gilding and lettering course London UK 003 Signsmiths gilding and lettering course London UK 005 Signsmiths gilding and lettering course London UK 013 Signsmiths gilding and lettering course London UK 014


New book on its way for May 2017 release!!

Front Cover bones of letters book 1 NGS copia






History in the making

Taking great lettering from the past and adding a twist into the now.

”It’s all about hunting the right type that suits ‘modern classic’ London … some of these Romans in Sydenham (for example in the Kirkdale Bookshop project below) actually came from Rome … shot by me in Italy in 2016 and re-drawn up in London.”


Kirkdale Bookshop by NGS signwriting London (1)


Some were also refined from my own hand, from traditional London Romans (the B and K for example) and teaching in the studio – I then melded the designs into a unique, original identity for this client.

If you get the best inspiration then the design delivery just goes to the next level! For Hipster stuff, for starters I go around London tracing off designs from old ghost signs.”

Nick Garrett


Chat to me anytime about your sign project 07960113799


The-Blackbird-shop NGS Turner and George Chiselled gold NGS Lavender-House-writing-72-NGS1 Me-+-Em-finished NGS

NGS Retail, pubs and bar signs…

Mini Case History Gallery 

Welcome to NGS designs… know the knowledge – feel the passion


Kirkdale Bookshop, Sydenham having a bespoke, London Roman makeover with us.


Making London more beautiful

Retro script signwriting and typographic design NGS of London 001

Sugahill Cafe, 250 Kirkdale Sydenham, looking very funky…

I wanted to create a logo that Chris Arch at Sugahill could combine all over his product from cups, chalkboards, to Tees. It’s one thing to design a sign fascia (that in itself takes years to master) but quite another to combine it as a pure combinable logo.

You have to feel it… 


Cafe boards NGS signs 5

”I have to write up some more case histories… get’s people on the inside of the design integrity because it’s so interesting.  Understand the extra they are getting from NGS designs. It’s the passion and attention to detail that counts.”

Nick Garrett

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Retro script signwriting and typographic design NGS of London 002

Some recent Urban Ghost signs from around London inc. the Globe and Charlotte’s.

Medley Corda di Volpe

Above: Custom NGS casual Italian freehand  Coda di Volpe

I had a very clear idea for Coda di Volpe but it was a completely original script that had not examples. The client had to trust me on this one and it actually looked fab painted up in bold orange.

Cuffley house sweethearts and cafe signs NGS London 4

Rich typographics make the venue come to life. The difference between vinyl and pure paint is just that… painted letters, by a beautiful hand come alive and say it in the right way. The wrong type or overcooking it with outlines and heavy baroque shades is just like telling a fairy telly through a megaphone and 20 piece brass band …


The White Hart taking shape typographically…

White Hart Elevateion interior ghost sign NGS's Tobias prop copia

A labour of love this one not with regard to the painting but to Pad the owner who is so nervous about making the wrong move etc… often working closely with the client involves empathic counselling skills… and a couple of beers – to get on the same page.

Maison Curate – easy as falling off a gently gilded log!

Maison Curate by NGS London signs

NGS No 1 for design and sexy styles

The best letters come in all shapes and sizes from NGS, the master design based writers. Trend leaders and brand ID innovators.

Below is a nice example of Blaire typeface just tweaked into London styling. We always fine tune each letter at the design stage in order to relate to your audience. It hooks people up, turns heads and brings them toward you…

The-Blackbird-shop NGS


Made in London

Our letters make you more beautiful than any others


London signwriting, One-Two-Five-Nick-Garrett-Signwriter-NGS-London

Stylish, Modern Signwriting classics

and now a leading school and lettering design innovator


Below:  Custom hand painted letters, NGS South Kensington Copperplate lettering. Above: NGS Italian Loop lettering for Marco in Gloucester Road.

Turner and George Chiselled gold NGS

Customised Fonts and Typefaces







to name a few of our 100% custom fonts.


Gents of London proud owners of an NGS Customised Trajan fascia piece




Pasul Smith signage by Nick Garrett signwriter of London

Thanks for visiting London’s NGS

 Different level, Lettering, Gold Leaf & Gilding and Sign Training Specialists

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Chic Puritan Minimal  click images  


Classic with a modern twist

Cafe classic signs London NGS signwriting

click images for links

NGS Vintage Romans

Signwriting Roman lettering specialist artwork NGS


Urban Ghost  click on image


Glass Gilding



Thanks to Jack Hollands of Signwriting Jack, John Pope of Pope Signs, Henderson Signs, Glyphics, Perry Signs, Insegne di pinto a mano Milano – Traditional Signwriting of London

Under the hood: Trend setting – styling ahead of the market

I have developed trend for the likes of Laura Ashley, Designers Guild, Impressionen and Qool Tango since 1996. Because of this area of product expertise I see the importance of applying trend development across my services.

If you want to get the jump on competitors or a heads up on emerging trend, talk to me.

Each NGS custom typeface is therefore evolving via the studio, tailored to the client needs and sharing a DNA from genuine original forms.  I connect the style to historical lettering and the result is magic.

Not ending there getting into the  core of type design has manifested NGSinside our new secure Client Area on the website – a cool place you are invited.

12805712_10208681892822738_2622393418455636727_n (1)

Creating a look: Urban Distress. NGS were one of the key originators of this look. Gold Leaf window for Le Labo London.


Services include:

  • Branding & Graphics
  • Pure Design
  • Modern Minimalism
  • Classic Vintage
  • Ghost signs 
  • Chalkboards
  • Gilding on glass and panel
  • Panel Manufacture
  • Teaching and Mentoring


Recent works include visits to London, Paris, Milan and Watford. Projects can be completed in our workshop or with you on site anywhere in the world – rain or shine, super big or small, quality productions.

Happy to share with you my complete bespoke service. Feel free to contact me for a chat.

Nick Garrett


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 Fine Romans, Murals, Minimalist or Urban Ghost signs

Interiors, Missions, Retail, Pubs, Bars, Hotels, Cafes, Cats, Dogs, Aeroplanes and Boats

 NGS for Fantastic Letters and Gold Leaf work



3 generations of iconic London letterers become 4 with a lot of fun

Signs by NGS:  Nick Garrett

NGS Teaching the craft

Jack learning the ropes

Signwriters in the House

NGS teach too!  My star pupil and immensely talented Pro Writer and Gilder Jack Hollands now Signwriting Jack during his training year with me.

London/UK Signsmiths Signwriting Training

Thanks to Signwriting Jack, Perry Signs, Insegne di pinto a mano Milano and John Pope signs