Daily Letters: Dürer Latin and Goines Roman


The Zachary Creative logotype is an original lettering design derived from these classic capitals. The principals for their construction was devised by the famous Northern Renaissance polymath Albrecht Dürer. They are deceptively complex, yet elegant and subtle models of the sturdy foundation of western typography. Here are some more of the good products derived from this work:


Of the Just Shaping of Letters by Albrecht Dürer, translated by R. T. Nichol from the Latin Text of the edition of 1535. Free edition from gutenberg.org.

Dürer Latin, a free font from l’Abécédarienne.

The work of David Lance Goines is inspired by the intensive study of classical typography, and his seamless conjugation of aesthetic and geometric principles culminates in A Constructed Roman Alphabet, a beautiful volume expanding the concepts of Dürer.

Article on Goines from Codex 99.

A Constructed Roman Alphabetelectronic version at goines.net.