This page covers Nick Garrett’s bespoke sign practice including Classic and Modern examples of Pub signs, Glass writing, Retail and Cafe writing… with a gallery of recent works in videos and images.


I count myself am fortunate to have such special projects come my way and after years of dedicated work I seem to be getting the most intriguing and rewarding briefs. Below is one such creative ‘Case’.

Best, Nick Garrett


NGS CASE: 88 Fleet Street Mayday Rooms, St. Brides Church, London

Raised letters 

2 pack filler skimmed to profile – flattened – undercoated – double coated One Shot… 88 Fleet Street

Anthony Davies the WDR director: ”When we saw these numbers in the matt grey undercoat there was the discussion immediately about keeping that look… but these look F great Nick!!!…

Ha! .. a smile inducer that one. Not often you create a new product after 32 years – this week we have created 2: Luminare (however you spell it) gilding and faux embossed lead letters.


The project started with a meeting on site with the director Anthony Davies (who was wearing the best brogues I’d seen in a long while), which explored the idea of a Roman numeral painted directly to the stone facades.

There was a really good feeling in the air as we ventured on to the flat rooftop and surveyed the extraordinary poetic elegance of St. Brides, Fleet street and St. Pauls.


The numeral artwork came through from Nils Norman and the height was about 24” letter.  Architect Iain Boal arrived from San Fransico, suggested we create something unique using the heritage feel of the area and the socialist movement at the heart of Mayday Rooms – with a gold leaf gilded glas fan light at a later stage.


My main concern was that the letter would need a build up to make it feel solid on the stonework.  The initial idea was for 4 layers of high build enamel. We decided to reduce the size to 16”H.

We then considered an iron cut-out letter which was scrapped after 2 weeks debate and a slurry was settle upon. I chose a durable 2 pack to do the job and pounced the outline (which was redrawn in Illustrator).


Then the modelling 2 pack went on and levelled out nicely with 2 coats.

A double coat of undercoat and another double coat of trusty Oneshot had the job done.


This really was a bespoke job and having worked as a sculptor with CAC Hong Kong I enjoyed it immensely prompting a renewed interest in 3 dimensional hand made signage. 

Can be done and will be done in our new studio gallery opening midyear.

Inspiration and very nicely laced numerals 1909

Original Artwork  showing XXlarge client format 24” H letter – later opted for a more moderate size.


Artwork clean up and broaden

Colour Viz NGS

Lineart ready for build – final size 16” H

Below:  Job completed with about a gallon of rain down my neck and thankfully skipping past the fascia, in slightly darker Signal Red – with Vodafone next door I decided to make the distinction and tie the tonality to the vintage red still evident in the local vintage Royal Mail architecture.

Challenges of the day – a steady downpour

It was cold and wet – inlaying the red and black text for these numerals was a tricky job on the beautiful building – one tiny lapse of concentration and a paint drip would have finished me off…

That was the pressure threat to this job.