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Nick Garrett – Typeface Design – making ideas work

Typeface Design – making ideas work

London sign writer Nick Garrett

making it real together

Logo design is a crucial skill for me as it focuses a host of useful typographic and creative skills: technical thinking and creativity combined.

Inspiration breeds success.

It is the difference between being a great sign-writer and a top sign pro.

Above:  New Brand ID NGS

Font work - fine tuning Gill, Nick Garrett

Gill Sans is a tremendous English font based entirely on the classical structure of Roman serif.  Ingenious sans serif.

We are a clever lot…

Hope you like your hatchling NGS sign concept…

Below: Kerning guide for hand drawn layout

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London sign writer Nick Garrett

Motif Magic – Traditional signwriters London NGS

Motif Magic – creative signwriting, London NGS 

London sign-writer Nick Garrett

Decorative motif is making a resurgence these days and frankly I love it!  As a signwriter you just love work the is creative and fun… here are few recent motifs I’ve got my brush around lately.

We are getting a lot of request for decorative murals which is exactly where we are at.  Vintage, Retro or Modern we can create you next dynamic sign exactly to the design visual or architectural drawing – you brand will be digitally plotted and then painted by hand with 2 durable coats of specialist sign enamel.  Combining digital and analogue in the best possible way.

Contact me for any further info about my bespoke sign painting service.

Floral mural sample for POD London


  For Ted Baker

Working on a selection of Italian painted motif samples for glass gilding, verre eglomise work.

This incredible material and gilding process is now winning me some new fans and links into interior decoration sector.

It’s all about the magic in the design studio. .. the right material inspiration and passion.

NGS Glass gilding West End and Central London

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